Call for Presentation Proposals

Would you like to be part of the WDSC 2024 program?

We are planning an exciting program.

It will include people with Down syndrome, academics, practitioners, family members and support people.

If you would like to do a presentation at the WDSC2024, you need to attend in person.

If your abstract is accepted, you will need to register for the conference and pay the registration fee to attend in person before you will be given a time in the program.

You are invited to let us know what you want to do!

Tell us by submitting an abstract.

An abstract is a summary of what you want to present.

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If you have questions about your abstract send an email to

Key Dates

Abstract submissions open Now open
Abstract submission deadline Friday 16 February 2024, 11:59pm Brisbane time: AEST (UTC +10 hours)
Authors notified of acceptance Early March 2024
Presenting author registration deadline April 2024

Abstract Submission Details & Guidelines

  • Abstracts should be submitted by the main presenter.
  • Abstracts must be written in English.
  • Abstracts must not exceed 250 words. This will tell us what you want to talk about. You will be able to type this in a box within the abstract submission portal.
  • We have five congress streams. We encourage abstracts that fit those streams. You will be asked to select one of those when you submit your abstract.
  • If you are giving an oral presentation, abstracts should not contain any tables or figures. References in the text must be cited at the end of the abstract and are included in the 250 word count.
  • The use of abbreviations and acronyms should be kept to a minimum.
  • Abstracts must be submitted by midnight AEST, Friday 16 February 2024 for consideration by the Committee.
  • We will let the main presenter know by email if your abstract has been accepted. If you are part of a team, you will need to pass on the information to other team members presenting with you.
  • If your abstract is accepted, you will need to register for the conference and pay the registration fee to attend in person before you will be given a time in the program.

Abstract Streams

Our Congress theme is “Together we can: celebrating diversity and inclusion”. We have five streams. We hope that you can find a stream that matches what you want to do in the program. We prefer that. You will be asked to let us know what stream fits best for your abstract. We have the option “I don’t know” in case you aren’t sure.

This stream focuses on the latest research and clinical developments related to Down syndrome, including new therapies, global health equity and approaches that can improve the health and quality of life of people with Down syndrome across the lifespan.

This stream highlights innovative approaches to education and ways to promote inclusion of learners with Down syndrome in all aspects of learning, from early childhood through to adulthood. This stream also considers transitions within and beyond education settings and ways to foster successful careers.

This stream addresses issues related to disability rights (such as the Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities), public policy, inclusion in all aspects of community life and approaches to effective self-advocacy. It also includes leadership and governance within our organisations.

This stream explores family quality of life, including strategies for providing emotional and practical support; sibling interests; accessing community resources; and supporting families locally and globally.

This stream focuses on the social and emotional development of individuals with Down syndrome across the lifespan. This stream includes involvement in cultural life, recreation, leisure and sport; strategies for building self-esteem, fostering relationships, healthy ageing and developing self-reliance.

Preparing to submit

Ready to let us know what you want to do? We will ask you to tell us:

  • the title of your abstract
  • the Congress stream
  • full contact details of all presenters. You will need to let us know who the leader is.
  • Abstract text (maximum 250 words). This tells us what you want to do.
  • Preferred presentation type (see below) Once you have submitted your abstract, you will receive an automated email that tells you that your submission has been received.

Presentation Types

There are quite a few ways to be part of our congress. You can choose which type you prefer. If your abstract is accepted, the program committee will find a place where we think it will be best. We might email you if we think a different presentation type would be better for the program.

Oral presentations will be grouped into topic-based sessions. Presenters can choose either a 10 minute or 20 minute time. There will be time at the end for questions to all presenters in the session. This format might suit academics discussing research. Reports of co-design studies including researchers with Down syndrome are especially welcome.

We encourage abstracts from people with Down syndrome who want to give a talk. You can submit your abstract here or on the Plain English link. Oral presentations might also suit Down syndrome or self-advocacy organisations who have something new and exciting to share.

Posters will be physical posters displayed on site at the Congress. A poster reception will be scheduled during the Congress. Poster presenters are required to be present during this reception to discuss their poster with delegates. This format might suit academics who prefer to give a visual presentation of their work. It might also suit organisations who wish to show what they do.

Workshops are intended to be interactive, allowing presenters to offer demonstrations, examples or activities. This format might suit practitioners or authors who would like to share a resource or approach with delegates. If you are promoting a product, please make this clear in your abstract. Down syndrome organisations might also like to run workshops. The standard time for a workshop is 40 minutes (including question time).

We invite offers to give performances from artistic groups. These could include dance performances, musical presentations or short films. In the abstract, please advise the number of performers. Only the leader needs to be listed as a presenter. Full cast lists are also welcome to be included in the abstract portal, if you wish. Note: all performers must register for the Congress.

If you are a visual artist, you are welcome to offer to contribute to the program. In the abstract, tell us what form of art you wish to show. For example, you might have a painting, a photograph or a sculpture. You will also need to tell us how big the piece is.

Presentations are invited from researchers and clinicians interested in attending the Pre-congress meeting on Health. More details about this meeting can be found here.

Clinical topic presentations, health research reports, and panel presentations are welcomed.

Clinical topic presentations and research reports are planned to be 20 minutes long with 10 minutes for questions.

Panel presentations are planned to be 60 minutes long with 15 minutes for questions.

Terms and Conditions

If your abstract is accepted, the program committee will try to give you the presentation type you want. We might need to change that. If we do, we will contact you by email.

If you submit an abstract, you agree to the following rules for participation in WDSC 2024:

  • All people listed as presenters approve submitting this work for presentation.
  • Presenters agree to only present about what they have put in the abstract.
  • Presenters will immediately notify the Congress Managers if they are unable to be part of the program or if the presenter changes.
  • We will contact the lead presenter by email. They must tell the other presenters in their team about their abstract.
  • If you submit an abstract, you agree that we can publish your abstract (e.g., WDSC 2024 website, programs, and other promotions).
  • WDSC 2024 reserves the right to remove from any publication any abstract that breaks these rules.


Please direct all abstract enquiries to:
WDSC 2024 Managers
ICMS Australasia